Lazer Buwa specialize in the supply, design, repair, install and rental of two-way radio systems.

We are a platinum reseller for the Motorola range of products.


Motorola Solutions Platinum reseller


We are not limited to the Motorola brand and can also supply the following:-

Enhance your team’s communication

Choosing two-way radio communication for your team is a safe, effective, and reliable choice. Our radios can help keep your team connected in any situation or work environment. Lazer Buwa is an authorized supplier of all major brands of two-way radios. We have a team of fully equipped field service technicians and have been serving two-way radio solutions for over the past twenty-five years.

Analogue two-way radios

Perfect for the on-the-go workforce, our analogue two-way radios offer excellent performance allied with great value. If what you need is a simple, practical solution, then analogue could be the technology for you.

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Digital two-way radios

Digital two-way radios are the next generation of two-way radio communication and are designed for businesses and individuals who demand the highest quality communications available.

We offer the best Digital radio for every scenario, whether for communication in the business environment, for usage in tunnels, plants and mines, or for reliable communication for security or emergency services.

From the light, compact models designed for usage in buildings and facilities to the dust-proof, waterproof and IS protected models , there is a suitable Digital radio for every user. We connect people everywhere and improve safety and productivity.

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Professional and commercial two-way radios systems

Professional and Commercial two-way radios are operations-critical devices designed to deliver instant voice and data communications. Lazer Buwa’s comprehensive radio portfolio includes rugged portables, durable mobiles and versatile infrastructure platforms that will help your organization bloom.

Many digital models support software applications that increase voice and data communications efficiency and functionality.

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A repeater is a communications device that transmits at a much higher wattage than typical portable radios, allowing for a much larger coverage area.

Transmissions are received from two-way radios by the repeater and then are broadcast at a much higher wattage on a different frequency.

Lazer Buwa offers a complete line of multi-vendor repeaters for both analogue and digital systems.

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Mobile radios

Mobile radios are designed to be installed into a vehicle and connected to an external antenna mounted outside the vehicle. Mobile radios are perfect mobile fleets to stay in touch with other employees or with a control room.

Lazer Buwa offers a complete line of multi-vendor mobile radios for both analogue and digital systems.

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Portable radios

Easy-to-use, lightweight radio connects workers with just the push of a button and ready for a demanding work environment.

Lazer Buwa offers a complete line of multi-vendor portable radios for both analogue and digital systems.

Base station radios

Base stations are two-way radios that are designed to be located in a single, fixed location. They are generally connected to an external antenna. With base stations, while you lose portability you gain considerable power and range.

Lazer Buwa offers a complete line of multi-vendor base station radios for both analogue and digital systems.

Radio accessories

Get the most out of your radio with audio, charging and protection accessories.

Lazer Buwa have vendor and custom build accessories that will enhance your two-way radio experience.